Screenshots VIS-PL

Screenshots of VIS-PL application (managing parking places)

Basic program overview: multiple program windows are open

Basic VIS-PL window: on the right side there is a list of vehicles, that trespasses control spot(s), on the left there is search engine for searching through the database

Vehicle overview: new vehicle

Vehicle overview: vehicle from the database

The list of vehicles, that are currently parked inside the supervised area

Searching through the history: we can search using several parameters (vehicle, lane, date, time ...) and also export the list for further analisys

Daily statistic (by houirs) of a control spot: how many vehicles run through the control spot(s) at selected date

The list of all vehicles in the database (the vehicle can be set up as a permament user, temporarly user (defined time period or "black list")

Entering new user into the database: ordinary user (operator) can only enter time-limited vehicle into the database, administrator can also enter pernament (several schedules) vehicles or "black list" users

Editing of schedules: we can define several schedules, which can be assigned to vehicles: for example, we define schedules for vehicles, which can enter any time, for vehicles, which can only enter during the working period etc.

Settings: we define several parameters for the system as well as define, which control spots are entries and which exits.