ANPR hardware

Typically, an ANPR system consists of following components:

Near-IR camera system

takes a snap-shot of a trespassing vehicle. Using an IR light spectrum and illuminator, we get very contrast picture, which is great quality regardless of the light conditions. ANPR works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week - during direct sun, night, rain. Bellow you can see a picture of a car with headlamps on; on the left picture there is a picture of a car, taken by an ordinary camera, on the right there is the same car, photographed using IR filter and IR illuminator. The difference is obvious, isn't it?

The camera can be IR only (only licence plate picture) or combined (IR + color), so we have also color picture of the car (and driver) if needed.

We are using analog PAL cameras as well as our own digital megapixel cameras, which connects over the LAN network. Camera resolutions up to 10 MP are possible (however, we prefer 1 - 3 MP in order to achieve better sensor sensitivity!).

See digiCAM web page for more details about our megapixel camera!


is the core of the system; all the program modules are running there (checks the picture, analyses and identifies number plate, checks the ownership and the set operation, checks the records, ...). For 24/7 systems we suggest using an industrial computer or (at least) some brand name computer. Suggested OS is Windows XP SP3.

Frame grabber

is a computer module that provides the digitalization of the picture in case that analog camera is used. Different framegrabber can be used regarding to the costumer needs (channel number, grabbing speed ...)

If we use digital megapixel camera, there's no need for using the framegrabber, because camera is connected to the LAN directly and the picture is already digitalized.


is used in most ANPR systems, so the system knows, that a vehicle came to the control spot and then triggers the camera. Usually an inductive loop is used as a trigger, but also some other solutions (laser trigger, doppler trigger) can be used or even software trigger for slower speeds.