ANPR software

We developed our own ANPR engine, which is very accurate and can read most (alphabetic) licence plates avalible nowadays. Because of our own ANPR engine we can optimize reading process to meet special costumer requirements (for example; reading of ADR truck plates, which transport dangerous goods, reading of box labels etc.).

We can offer several solutions:

Ready-to-use solution for managing parking places or parking houses, based on a licence plate reading.

No need for tickets, tokens, minimized cheating, loosing tickets - and complete maintenance free! No need for filling the ticket or token machine!

We offer also a demo package of a VIS-PL!

You can download the VIS-PL documentation here:

(.pdf, 1,30 MB)

Special ANPR solution, developed for control the transport of dangerous goods over problematic areas (tunnels etc.).

ADR Reader is captable of decoding informations on the orange ADR table that vehicle is equipped with and inform the operator, which substance vehicle is driving and what is its risk range.

It is possible to control several locations from one control station (TCP server-client solution) and therefore control several sections from one control centre.

ADR Reader can recognize and decode ADR plates with standard EU classification ADR codes and also detects and displays empty ADR plates.

You can download the ADR Reader documentation here:

(.pdf, 460 kB)

  • KomDep

KomDep is a ANPR based software for automating several facilities (such as garbage centers, garbage recycle facilities, concrete or asphalt distribution facilities ...), where goods are transported in or/and out and needs to be checked regarding to vehicle (truck, car ...) weight.

KomDep is a base software, with modules to implement ANPR, weighing device, optional RFID reader, barriers, traffic lights etc.

KomDep is a platform, which has ability to preform complete process such as printing out transport papers, preparing daily/weekly/monthly reports regarding to pre-set parameters etc.


If you want to integrate ANPR reading into your software solution, we can offer also our ANPR engine as a SDK developing kit, which can be integrated into your own programs.

You can download the ANPR SDK documentation here:

(.pdf, 150 kB) 02/2011 Updated version avalible!