Digitech ANPR solutions

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a system that enables computer analysis of pictures which is used for identification of a number plate. Systems ANPR are also called: Licence Plate Recognition - LPR, Automatic Vehicle Identification - AVI, Car Plate Recognition - CPR, Car Plate Reader - CPR.

digiVIS (Vehicle Identification System) is commercial name for our ANPR system. DigiVIS system is entirely developed in Digitech, d. o. o. That means, that also complete ANPR engine is our own developed software so we can adopt it to practically any costumer needs!

The company works on development and marketing of technical equipment for security services, government (police, army, fire brigades, rescue services), as well as for the companies.

Usage examples for the digiVIS

  • system border crossing control,
  • automatic control of parking places,
  • safety control on the airports,
  • protection of important buildings and institutions,
  • automatic toll road control,
  • safety control of dangerous road sections,
  • speed limit control,
  • prevention of car stealing,
  • (over)loading of lorries,
  • traffic control, ...

! NEWS !

We have succeeded in developing our own megapixel ANPR camera - digiCAM!

The camera is equipped with 1.3, 2.0 or 3.1 megapixel sensor and 24 W power LED illuminator!

Camera is connected to the system using LAN interface and is equipped with the input for connecting the trigger device, therefore no additional installation for trigger device is needed

(we connect inductive loop controller directly to the digiCAM). Simply said - small camera, great preformance!

For more information please visit digiCAM web page!